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Our unique approach to helping you realize your dream begins with the simple principle of listening. Since 1979 we have been proud partners in almost 1,000 homes, which at one point, were just a dream. Collectively, our team has actively listened to thousands of ideas, thoughts and inspirations, which have lead to homes that truly are as unique as their owner. Through the years of experience of our team and constant desire to lead our industry in all facets of our business, this is what defines ‘The Woodhouse Difference’. Being good, just isn’t good enough.



We have worked to create the best team of timber framing experts in our industry. Between our regional project managements with over 150 years of combined experience, our expert design team, and experienced builder partners, we can ensure that you will have a highly experienced and talented guide by your side throughout your timber frame project.


Each Woodhouse® timber frame comes with a transferable lifetime warranty

Custom frame design with the best design team

Housed joinery prevents twisting and movement


See it before you build it After! Our expert design team defines your dream with you, they will provide you with drawings, floor plans, and state of the art 3D fly-through videos so that you can see the vision clearly before you start building.


Higher quality construction drawings

Unique frame detailing to personalize frame

Three dimensional modeling



Superior Building System! It’s all about the details. That is why Woodhouse has the best designed building system in the industry. Not only do we have a talented design team with a time-tested process, but we also supply the highest quality of timbers and building materials. The details combined are what make our finished product better than other companies.


Experienced Builder Network

Design team with 100+ years of combined experience

38 Years supplying over 1,000 timber frame homes

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We are Woodhouse The Timber Frame Company. Since 1979, we have designed and built nearly 1,000 custom timber frame houses, combining our expertise with superior craftsmanship to create timber homes of exceptional beauty. Our homes are more than just timber frame homes. A Woodhouse® is a timeless and enduring legacy for you and your loved ones.