Queen Post Truss

The queen post truss uses two supporting vertical beams and a triangle shape to create the structure. The two posts create a bond that offers support and can be used to cover large amounts of space, such as in roofs or ceilings. A customized queen post truss from Yellowstone Timber Frame can add unique aesthetic elements to your home’s interior and exterior design.

What is Queen Post Truss?

A queen post truss is a triangle or arch frame that is mainly used to support roofing. Two beams are connected between the rafters and tie beams. The two posts are kept in place using tension that keep the structure stable. The straining beam helps balance the top ends of the vertical queen posts. While a king post truss only has one central post, the two posts of a queen truss offer open space and a stylish design.

What Is A Queen Post Truss Used For?

A Queen Post Truss can support wider structures than a king post truss. Queen Post Trusses generally are used to stabilize a pitched roof. They are generally used in bridges and roofs due to their excellent support and superior appearance. Queen post trusses can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Interested in Queen Post Trusses?

Renown for our extensive experience with timber frame construction and building prowess, Yellowstone Timber Frame can help you to turn your structural dreams into a reality. Reach out today to learn how we can incorporate queen post trusses into your next project with the premier craftsmanship you deserve.

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What are the benefits of using a Queen Post Truss?

Queen Post Trusses offer numerous different benefits to project owners. If you are considering designing the structures of your home, here are some great reasons why queen post trusses might be the perfect fit for you!

long span of support

Queen post trusses can reliably support structures with a span of around 10 meters or 30 feet long —much wider than the distance that a king post tress can support!

low cost, high design

The simplicity of queen post trusses means that their cost to build is relatively low. However, the structure still looks elegant despite the low cost of installation.

attractive exposed style

Because queen post trusses can support wide roofed structures, it can create a beautiful, exposed style. Homeowners seeking an open feeling in their houses will benefit from using queen post trusses in their designs.

simple, yet strong

Queen post trusses have a simple design yet offer strong support to homes and other structures. They make a great, sturdy choice for roofing support.

Queen Post Truss Design 

The design of a queen post truss offers both support and design to various types of roofing structures. Because of the superior structure that the two queen posts offer, queen post trusses can support wider roofing than other types of beams, such as a king post truss. On average, a queen post truss can be used to cover spans of nearly 30 feet.

Designing the perfect queen post truss is easy with Yellowstone Timber Frame. We can fully customize any queen post truss or posts to suit your dream design. Add one-of-a-kind detailing to your property by installing queen post trusses to support your roofing.a


Common Types of Queen Post Trusses

Queen post trusses come in a variety of different styles and can be used in many different ways to support structures. Some of the most popular forms include:

Queen post roof truss

The most traditional type of queen post truss, this form is used in roofing to provide support and stabilization to the entire structure.

Raised tie angled queen post truss

Raised tie angled trusses extend beyond the shape of the queen post truss and allows the structure to rest on additional support.

Historic wooden queen post truss

This style of wooden queen post truss has been used all throughout history and many remaining historic examples still remain today, such as in covered bridges.

Queen post truss with curved top chord

Rather than have a flat, straight shape, a queen post truss with a curved top chord gently arches and creates visual intrigue while supporting roofing.

Queen Post Truss Frequently Asked Questions

As a homeowner, your might have a number of different questions about queen post trusses and their uses. Many homeowners are curious about what distinguishes a queen post truss from other structures. Others ask about the advantages and disadvantages the structure provides.

In short, a queen post truss provides support using two vertical beams and a triangle or arch shape. They’re suited to support long distances and can be easily customized to suit different distances but are not the best option for homes with oddly shaped ceilings.

how to build a queen post truss?

When building a queen post truss, precision and in-depth knowledge are required to successfully craft a stable structure. It is essential to be completed from the correct type of materials that are strong and stable enough to provide support to your home. Therefore, it is essential to partner with a highly qualified design team such as Yellowstone Timber Frame to create your queen posts and truss designs.

what are the dimensions of a queen post truss?

Queen post trusses can comfortably handle supporting structures as wide as 10 meters long due to the strong support given by the two vertical beams. Generally, queen post trusses should be used for structures over 8 meters. Shorter spans are better suited to different types of support structures.

For smaller distances, a king post truss is generally a better for your home. King post trusses are suited for dimensions of around 5 to 8 meters. Carefully consider what dimensions your property requires when determining which design is best for your home.

can Yellowstone timber frame design my queen post truss plan?

Yellowstone Timber Frame can fully customize a variety of different structures for your property, including queen post trusses. Design the perfect support structures for your home with the help of Yellowstone Timber Frame!

Are there queen post truss construction details when purchasing?

Yellowstone Timber Frame uses the details and dimensions from your property in order to craft the perfect queen post trusses. We also offer installation so that you can trust one company for every step of the design process and ensure a job well done!

Why Choose Yellowstone Timber Frame For Your Queens Post Truss?

If you’re searching for a premier timber frame company that can reliably design stable and stylish structures, look no further than Yellowstone Timber Frame. We can create and customize your queen post trusses, as well as a variety of other structures.

Why Choose Yellowstone Timber Frame For Your Queen Post Truss Design?

Renown for our extensive experience with timber frame construction and building prowess, Yellowstone Timber Frame can help you to turn your structural dreams into a reality. Reach out today to learn how we can incorporate queen post trusses into your next project with the premier craftsmanship you deserve.

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