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Custom Timber Frame, Post and Beam, Log, and Hybrid Homes

From initial design through engineering, fabrication and installation, we will be with you every step of the way!
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At Walston Timber Frame we understand that our clients have been dreaming of bringing their timber frame house plan to life and have spent countless hours ruminating over the details of each strategically designed space. We feel that it is our privilege, honor, and obligation to put in equally as much time and attention to detail into your project to ensure that the final product exceeds even the most scrupulous customers expectations.

We can’t help it, it’s in our DNA to obsess over every single detail of your project so that you don’t have to. Whether customers are looking for full timber frame home design or hybrid construction that blends conventional stick framing with timber frame accents our talented design team at the “Envision Architectural Design Studio” created by Walston timber frame will guide you through this process.

envision design studio

A full service architecture drafting and engineering provider for all your timber frame, mass timber, CLT and custom home projects. We create extraordinary design and bring your plans to life.

Walston timber frame

A complete timber frame, mass timber CLT, fabrication distribution center. We can quickly fabricate and bring your plan to life no matter how complex your project is. We are committed to timeless craftsmanship on all of our projects.

professional timber installers

We provide on- site manpower for all of your mass timber,  cross-laminated timber (CLT), residential and commercial projects. Whether you are in the Bahamas or in the Midwest, we travel nationwide for your project.


Passionately committed to your project.

Walston Timber Frame will be your partner for bringing your timber frame house plan to life. Starting with architecture and engineering provided by our in-house design team of professionals in the Envision Architectural Design Studio. Once a timber frame house plan has been designed, drafted, and refined our fabrication team will craft each piece of timber to our meticulous design standards. 

After the timber frame structure has been fabricated and every detail has been precisely inspected we will move the structure to your build site anywhere in the country. Our on-site installation crews will erect you custom-built timber frame structure with the same attention to detail that was given throughout the design and Fabrication process leaving you with the log cabin or timber frame home of your dreams.

Our Services



When you bring us a napkin sketch or a detailed design, you will be pleased when we provide you with the initial timber frame drawings quickly. We know you don’t want to wait, which is why we are very responsive. From beginning to end our design team is on it!
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We manufacture beautiful timber trusses. These trusses offer exposed natural beauty that add style, value and a sense of strength to your home or project that is strong, impactful, and timeless. Each truss is made to order using “Post and Beam Connections” which allows the look and feel of “Timber Frame” joinery but without the added costs.
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Since 1968 we have been crafting some of the most extraordinary timber frame structures in the country, which at one point, were just a dream. Collectively, our team has actively listened to thousands of ideas, thoughts and inspirations, which have lead to homes that truly are as unique as their owner.
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Crafting magnificent posts and beams starts with the material. Our team of skilled carpenters use wood from Spruce, Pine, fir, Oak, Walnut to hew impressive timber pieces that will set your build a apart.
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In the heart of the country.

Being located in the heart of the United States allows Walston Timber Frame access to the world’s finest supply of hardwood species, including large oak and walnut timber. Having our own onsite sawmill and large timber production facility allows us to take any species of wood from spruce, pine, fir, oak, walnut and more, and carve you dreams right 

out of any tree just like our ancestors have been doing for hundreds of years. From the production of materials for large timber frame homes down to your hand-hewn mantlepiece, each tree will be artfully crafted to maintain a timeless beauty that your family will enjoy for generations to come.

our story

Walston Timber Frame began as a personal endeavor that has turned into something unexpected. Hello, my name is Ben Hunt and I had a wild idea one day while my wife and I were preparing to build our own home. Our property was full of beautiful Oaks and the only flat spot available for the home was full of really nice trees. Well, we couldn’t imagine turning the trees into firewood or watching a logging company drive off with them, so I did exactly what my wife was probably praying I would NOT do. Yep, I bought a little sawmill and a really BIG chainsaw.
While I was cutting the trees into Posts and Beams for our house, I fell in love with how beautiful each cut was and I could not believe I was turning these magnificent trees into our home. I made posts for the inside of the house and posts for the porches, beams for the kitchen and door jambs, as well as sliding barn doors, stair treads, railings, vanity tops for our bathrooms, a rolling slab bar table (for football food), fireplace mantles, and on and on. Clearly, I was hooked and so were the subcontractors who worked on our house. They encouraged me to show others what we built and a business was born. People tell me how beautiful our timber products are and I like to respond with “only God could make something so beautiful, I just cut it so you can see His artwork”.
Inspired by my Grandfather Robert Walston, please enjoy what we have to offer.

ben hunt

founder, Walston timber frame